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Rivals fume that “Arteta’s just a chequebook manager!” Let’s check the numbers.

Last summer, Arsenal were grilled for “wasting” £54m on Ben White when Man U were the savvier club for getting Varane for only £35m. We were pilloried for spend £25m on twice-relegated Ramsdale, and now Man U are praised for spending £46m on Onana—whom Inter had gotten on a free transfer the year before. Fast forward to this current window, and we’re being criticised for having spent £200m on players. Arteta, it seems, is in fact Guardiola’s pupil; he learned to spend and spend and spend some more. He’s a fraud with more follicles and nothing more. I just hope that Stan stays solvent…

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Arsenal must cash in on Balogun (and others)

With our Prem position all but settled, barring an epic collapse from Man City, we have to look ahead to the summer transfer window. We’ll have to clear out quite a lot of players, and there’s no room for misty-eyed sentimentalism, no room for nostaglia, no room for myopic dreaming. In this post, we looked at first teamers who might find themselves surplus to requirements. In today’s post, we look at fringe players who’ve been on loan to see who among them we should, if possible, jettison.

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Time for Arteta to clear some deadwood: Xhaka, ESR, Tierney…

This will make more sense in a minute…

At a risk of overlooking our last two opponents, it’s worth looking ahead to summer business. One can walk and chew gum at the same time, after all. Yes, we’d do well to be wary of Nottingham Forest, who are still struggling to stave off relegation, and Wolves are always up for a feisty scrap (should we celebrate if we beat them? Hmmm…). Without ignoring those speed-bumps, it’s well-worth looking at some vital summer business that has nothing at all and also everything to do with key players like Xhaka, Smith-Rowe, and Tierney, among others. Let the culling begin.

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Arsenal will have more than £150m to spend this summer? Hmm…

Depending on how credulous or gullible you are, you might be excited to learn that Arsenal will spend at least £150m this summer, targeting three positions. I’m not going to link to The Independent‘s reporting for reasons we’re about to get into. All they’ve done is looked at our transfer spending of the last two summers and come up with a number that a rough average of the two. They know as much as I do about Arsenal’s transfer budget, which is to say, nada.

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Bellingham’s bombshell: does he admire Arteta’s Arsenal?

Tongues have been wagging about Jude Bellingham, the 19 year old Englishman who’s been setting the Bundesliga on fire with his performances, and he’s been linked to the biggest, shiniest clubs (with apologies to Dortmund) this summer. LIverpool recently begged off, citing his potential £100m transfer fee but also the monumental nature of their own rebuild. Perhaps more-explosive has been Bellingham’s own confessions about his future, which just might indicate that Aresnal could be his preferred destination.

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