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Trossard pips Rice to seize MOTM against Everton…

Well, we finally won at Goodison Park. Despite how dire the Toffees have been these last few seasons, this has been a tricky fixture. Even though martinelli’s early strike was disallowed via an overly pedantic but technically accurate application of the offside rule, we inally got past Dyche’s parked bus, the rusting one without tyres that’s sitting on cinderblocks and hosts all sorts of voles, mice, and shrews. Trossard’s strike came from a well-worked sequence and earned him our MOTM but with just 37% of the vote—easily one of the narrowest polls we’ve ever had. Truth be told, it was a solid all-around effort, and I feel like we’ve been a bit harsh on Nketiah. Enough throat-clearing. Enjoy the results of the poll!

Everton 0-1 Arsenal—vote for player ratings & MOTM!

Everton set up, predictably, in a low block 4-5-1 conceding 75% possession as they sought to frustrate us and somehow claim a point. Martinelli had other plans, scoring in the 19th minute only for VAR to decide that the shadow of Nketiah’s leg was in an offside position during the buildup. Martinelli was subbed off moments later, and, in a bit of poetic justice, it was his replacement Trossard who finally put it past Pickford in the 69th minute. It was a satisfying and vital win, the first at Goodison Park since October 2017.

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Revenge is a dish best served cold: an Everton Preview…

Let’s travel back to the bygone days of yore, a halcyon days, the salad days during which we at the Arsenal imagined ourselves traipsing to the trophy. We’d won 16 of our first 19 and were riding high. The Toffees by contrast were in a tailspin, having won just three times from 19 matches. Then, along came Sean Dyche. While he didn’t perform any miracles, he at least stanched the bleeding, Everton stayed up, and we stumbled. We can’t blame our bottling on just one match, but this is one that stands out. As such, we simply have to exact our pound of flesh.

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Sean Dyche sees Tony Pulis and says “hold my beer”.

So. We’re off to Goodison Park then, are we? Well. This fixture has been a tough one of late, what with us losing in four of our last five visits, the most recent setback being Dyche’s triumphant debut seven months ago when another Burnley bastard, James Tarkowski, headed home to end our 14-match unbeaten run and signaled the end of our title-tilt. Dyche has his side playing predictiably Pulisian tactics, and we’d do well to prepare for a grueling, gritty affair.

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How do you solve a problem like Bukayo?

Wha’ts the problem? He’s our starboy, our talisman, our linchpin. As he goes, so goes our season. The more more he plays, the more he scores. With so much riding on him, the problem is that we’re riding him so much. Few outfield players have played more minutes than our unicorn-riding starlet, and even fewer still have scythed down as cynically or as often as he has. A little more protection from referees would be nice, but I think we’re all a bit too savvy to expect that. Absent such protection, it might be nice to see some better squad management. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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