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Rivals’ Roundup: and then there were two…

A funny thing happened along the way to Man City’s ostensibly inevitable foregone conclusion of a coronation. We forgot to stick to that script. Of course, Man City still have the inside track to the title, but it ain’t over ’til it’s over…and it ain’t quite over. We have just three precious matches left to earn points and will need CIty to drop four points from their remaining four. That’s a tall order, but we’ll do what we can at our end. Checking the rearview mirror shows that this roundup really only need focus on the two of us, but we’ll be generous in including a few others despite their recent losses.

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Turnabout and time-wasting and two goals at Tyneside…

Payback can be unpleasant, can it not? Well, at least for the side suffering the payback. At our side, it was quite delicious to serve up to our hosts a steamin’ hot pile of comeuppance after suffering a controversial draw in the reverse fixture and, of course, losing this same fixture almost a year ago to the day. This has to stand as one of the best performances of the season. Full stop. Oh, wait. I should write a bit more.

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Rivals’ Roundup: Fun while it lasted, I suppose…

Not entirely topical or relevant but still amusing.

It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. For the worst, we’d have to reach back to hallowed antiquity to bring you a recreation of the fall of the mighty Arsenal. ‘Twas less than a week ago, but the reverberations still resound in the memory. Thankfully, events of a more-recent vintage off a balm of sorts to the soul. We may have squandered a chance at winning the Prem, but I’m not willing to concede just yet, not when there are still a half-dozen or so matches out there. As disappointing as it may be to fall short, we’ve come a long way. Let’s get to the roundup…

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Is Tierney’s time at Arsenal over?

Verdict? Thumbs up, or…

It wasn’t so long ago that Kieran Tierney was one of our best and most-reliable performers and a fan-favourite to boot. From his passion and performance on the pitch, his Tesco-toting ways, or his utter refusal to dress sensibly on cold day, it really felt like he had nailed down a firm position in the XI. Fast-forward a year, and Tierney is very much out in the cold, with persistent, nagging rumours eating away at his tenure. Injuries haven’t helped, and there’s the arrival of Zinchenko.

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Arsenal=bottlers. How will the top four turn out?

Now that it’s been proven once and for all through this space-time continuum and throughout any multiverses, wormholes, and parallel dimensions that Arsenal will absolutely, positively not win the Prem this year, we really must attend to sorting out just how many clubs will overtake them between now and the end of the merry month of May. We’re through the looking-glass here, people.

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