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Arsenal 3-1 Man U: Results of post-match poll.

475 responses. Not bad. We were quite harsh on Havertz (I feel like anything lower than a 5 should indicate that the player actively denied us points such as by getting sent off or scoring an own goal). Even if we accept that he should have scored, he’s not the only one. Let’s show him some patience and support if for no other reason than he wears the shirt. Nketiah also deserved more love, getting both CBs booked (and one should have been sent off). It’s not for nothing that Maguire and Evans were both on the pitch when we scored those goals. On to brighter news, Rice deservedly earned the MOTM with 83.4% of the vote, just as much for his performance throughout the match as for his game-winning goal. Let it be the first of many…

Take that, Yanited! Arsenal pulled off an almost-perfect performance!

By perfect, I refer not to the quality of our play but to the dramatic elements of it. Conceding against the run of play only to equalise 35 seconds later, letting Garnacho through on goal only to have it disallowed by his being offside at the molecular level, Rice scoring the dramatic winner and Jesus adding some sheen? Hollywood would have a hard time penning a more-perfect script.

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Arsenal 3-1 Man U: Vote for player-ratings & MOTM!

Those of you with cardiac conditions would do well to have avoided this one. That advice might come a little too late after Man U went ahead only to get pegged back by Ødegaard a mere 35 seconds later. It was a back-and-forth match but one in which we looked vibrant, dominating for long stretches but a bit too vulnerable to counterattacks. When Rice squeezed his shot in past Onana at 95:43, the latest winning goal in this fixture ever, it had to feel like destiny. For Jesus to add a glorious third? Priceless. Let’s get down to the post-match poll to give the lads what they deserve!

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Is Arsenal’s title-tilt over before it’s even begun?

The transfer business was ambitious. Signing Rice, Havertz, and Timber signalled that we were serious about building on last season’s promise, that we weren’t satisfied with failing to stay above quadruple-winning Man City, imperious as they still are, despite De Bruyne’s injury and advancing age. However, the early returns suggest that we may find ourselves fighting for scraps and leftovers. If we fall any further behind, well….

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This is the blog to blame for Partey’s injury.

It’s true. Thomas Partey’s injury is all my fault. I caused it. No, I wasn’t training with the Ghana national team. That’s not what I mean. I’m referring to my own match preview from Friday in which i took the piss out of Man U for their spate of injuries. “Droppin’ like flies,” I joked. Well, here we are now with the Black Stars announcing Partey’s injury, which will “could be on the sidelines for a while”. Clearly, this is karma for my loose lips.

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