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Foxes 2-5 Gooners: Video Highlights

Although James Vardy opened the scoring, Arsenal steamrolled the foxes after Walcott equalised minutes later. Alexis finally found his scoring boots, getting a hat trick as Arsenal sliced Leicester wide open. The Foxes wouldn’t give up, though, bringing relentless pressure late in the second half as Petr Čech turned them away and again until Vardy finally did score a second. However, it was all over but the screaming and shouting…until Giroud, having subbed on for Walcott, added the fifth goal in stoppage-time. Check out the highlight-reel below:

Stoke 3-2 Arsenal: Video highlights of a debilitating debacle.

Nineteen seconds in. That’s about all it took for Peter Crouch to score the opening goal and signal to anyone watching that this would not be Arsenal’s day. That we went into halftime 3-0 flatters us a bit, and to finish 3-2 flatters us quite a lot. We’ll have a closer look at how it fell apart so quickly. For now, here are highlights of just how much we were outplayed (and, yes, outmuscled at times) by the Potters. I’d like to say “enjoy,” but, well, you know… In other news, I hope you’ll enjoy the highlights in French. It felt suitably ironic.

Gunners 1-2 Man U: Gaper's block, with video…

A freakishly unlucky own-goal from Kieran Gibbs, assisted by a helpful shove from Marouane Fellaini, undid an otherwise dominant performance from the Gunners, who failed to adequately test David “fractured finger” de Gea, shooting directly to him time and time again instead of a few feet to his left or right. By the time Rooney found himself through on goal against Damian “but I helped us beat Reading” Martinez, the outcome was all but assured, and only a 95th minute goal from Olivier Giroud salvaged a 1-2 scoreline. Long periods of dominance, highlighted by moments of sublimity, come to naught in the video below. Keep the antacids at the ready…

Swans 2-1 Gunners: this is infuriating [w/ video highlights]

A boring, dreary first half picked up steam in the second, but with the way it ended, I think most of us would have preferred the boredom over the bollocks that we had to suffer. After a brilliant counter attack launched by the Ox, Welbeck ran in behind the defense to collect the through-back and cut back to pass to the middle for Alexis—who else?—,to slot it home, and it looked like we could escape with victory despite our sloppy, careless, play to that point. However, the sloppiness was exacerbated by heavier rains and the fact that we had no answer for Montero, who tore Chambers a new one each time he got the ball. Sigurddson’s well-struck free-kick eluded Szczesny, but it was Montero who really ruined things for us, crossing in for Gomis to head home. Swansea had not scored from a set-piece or a header to this point; they managed to do both inside of five minutes today. It’s a loss that will pose some tough, tough questions, some soul-searching, and perhaps some knife-sharpening. We’ll have two weeks to digest this one before hosting Man U. If you have the stomach for it, here are the highlights:

Gunners 3-3 Anderlecht: What the heck just happened? [video]

What happened there? One moment, we’re up 3-0 and look to be cruising to the knock-out stage. Arteta got his first goal from the penalty-spot in the 25th minute, Alexis added a spot- free kick goal (volleying the rebound when his kick was blocked), and Ox barreled down the left to curl it around the keeper. We were flying high, and I was even dreaming of cutting into Dortmund’s goal-differential. I must have jinxed it, because moments later, Anderlecht had its first goal. So the guy was offsides. By three yards. We had been playing lazy defense the whole time and paid for it. A Monreal take-down in the box, and Anderlecht has their penalty to make it 3-2. Mitrovic was in the box before Vanden Borre shot, but whatever. We again paid the price. All that was missing was a Szczesnian screw-up and—yup. On a well-struck cross. Szcz half-charged off his line, got caught in no-man’s land, and was all but helpless as Mitrovic headed home. Feh. For as dominant as we looked early, we let this one slip right through our fingers. Watch highlights below if you can stomach them…