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Chelsea are chasing Arsenal’s want-away forward? £50m is an “embarrassing” bid.

Stuck behind Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah has left Folarin Balogun in a bit of a dilemma. His recent decision to play for the US men’s national team instead of for England suggests that he values playing far more than he cares for watching. Of course, that loan-spell to Reims saw him net 21 goals in 27 matches. That seems like a pretty convincing case for him to be deserve a larger role here at Arsenal, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. With Chelsea sniffing around, let’s slap a price of, oh, say £72m. Maybe £88m? We know they have the money.

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Caicedo and Rice and Havertz, oh my! Could Arsenal sign all three this week?

Man, you take a day off to celebrate your wedding anniversary and get feted for Father’s Day, and the silly season leaves you behind in no time. Ever since I dismissed any attempt at signing Kylian Mbappé as something akin to financial suicide, it seems that the rumour mill has gone into overdrive. Note to self: see about rescheduling wedding anniversary and Father’s Day for before the transfer window opens. In the meantime, what we have here for you today is an attempt at checking in on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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