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Say it ain’t so, Smith Rowe! Could Emile exit the Emirates…for Stamford Bridge?

With the summer transfer window set to close in a matter of days, rumours of our own Emile Smith Rowe leaving the club have run rampant. After having missed most of the 2022-23 campaign due to a persistent groin injury and subsequent surgery, I think I speak for most if not all of us when I say I expected to see more of him during last season’s run in, the preseason, and the early stages of this campaign. However, it starts to feel like he’s more likely to leave the club than to ever feature for it. It all comes down to midnight GMT on 1 September. Chelsea are lurking. So too are West Ham.

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Who needs Havertz when we have our own Croydon de Bruyne?

Casemiro looking to add to his haul of red cards…

Yes, it was only a 19-minute cameo. Yes, it was a meaningless preseason friendly. No, he didn’t score any goals. However, Emile Smith Rowe, fresh of a triumphant turn with the England u21s, looked alert and lively as he skipped past Man U defenders (when they weren’t hauling him down or kicking out at him). He’s still working his way back from the groin injury that hindered him through the 2021-22 campaign and the surgery that waylaid him for most of the 22-23 campaign, but the early returns from that cameo suggest he’s close to being back in a major way.

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Is there any room left at the Arsenal for Emile Smith Rowe?

It’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that Emile Smith Rowe had completed an effervescent campaign in which he scored 11 goals in 37 appearances. Alongside Bukayo Saka, it looked like a genuine youth movement would re-invigorate the club Sadly, though, the Smith’s scintillating start to that 2012-22 season faltered, and he scored just one goal in his 12 appearances. Still, his future seemed bright—but that’s when the wheels came off. Fast forward to now, and one has to wonder whether the lad can find his way back.

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Rice, Arteta, Arsène, and that British core…

Amid the flurry of transfer talk and deals of the last few weeks, one overlooked element to the evolution of the squad under Arteta has been the apparent focus on a British core—something we haven’t seen since late-stage Arsène when it was Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ox, Chambers, Welbeck and Ramsey (Wales? Is that a country? Yes and no), among others who seemed to represent a return to dear ol’ Blighty after years of Arsènian francophonia. Arteta may be Spanish, but he’s resurrecting the good old days when a Briton was a Briton…

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Does Emile Smith Rowe have a future at the Arsenal?

After an effervescent 2021-22 campaign saw Emile Smith Rowe explode for ten goals, earning numerous nicknames—Kev, Emilio, Croydon de Bruyne—injuries derailed almost the entirety of 2022-23, reducing him to a mere 161 minutes in 12 Prem appearances. While it’s possible that the paucity of appearances he made is down to lingering effects of groin surgery in October, Arteta’s managemenet of his reintroduction has sent very mixed messages. Is it possible that Smith Rowe has been frozen out?

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