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Did Arteta get it wrong with Magalhães’s injury?

For as much as I hate to be a Debbie Downer so soon after we’ve battered Chelsea, I have to ask MIkel why he didn’t sub off Gabriel Magalhães when the Brazilian first showed signs of discomfort. MIdway through the second half, Gabi seemed to pick up a knock right around when Chelsea’s Madueke scored a consolation goal in the 65th minute. It’s difficult to know precisely which knock or niggle really got to him, but Arteta waited until the 85th minute to replace him with Holding.

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Ødegaard at the døuble tø put Arsenal back øn tøp!

Chelsea put on their best Tottenham impression, conceding three goals in just over half an hour as Arsenal waltzed away to do the double over Chelsea for the second time in three years. Captain Martin Ødegaard and his loyal sidekick connected twice with the former captain finding the current one with two very similar passes into the box to Ødegaard, who cleverly eluded his (admittedly clueless) marks. Just like that, we’re back on top, there this time to say (no, not really).

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Arsenal v. Chelsea: stoppable force meets movable object

Alternate title: They’re droppin’ like flies to avoid the Emirates. Chelsea will arrive on Tuesday sans James, Mount, Koulibaly, Havertz, Broja, and Cucurella, meaning that Lithe Lampard—that is his nickname, right?—will only have about 37 players available to select from. Among those might be Aubameyang, but we’ve at least been spared another cringey “I’m back” video for whatever odd marketing reason. At any rate, he brings with him his stoppable force.

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Zinchenko reaches out to Mudryk…

Mykhailo felt his phone buzz in his pocket. Looking to the screen, he saw “Olek” and answered quickly. “Zinny!” he exclaimed. “You are ready for this match tomorrow, yes?”

“I am, Mykhailo. The question is, are you?”

There was a long sigh followed by several seconds of silence. Zinchenko started to wonder if Mudryk had hung up. “Misha, are you there?”

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Our rivals want, no—need—Man City to win the Prem. Why?

Okay, if you’re a Spurs fan, I understand. You’ve made poor life decisions. The last thing you want to see is Arsenal winning yet another Prem title. Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about us doing it at White Hart Lane again, right? For our other rivals, it’s a bit puzzling at first to ponder why they can’t seem to stomach the thought of us winning it all. Wouldn’t it be a refreshing break from the bland, sterile hegemony that Man City have imposed on the league lo these last five years?

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