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Arsenal linked to “SHOCK” move for want-away Wolves Winger!

Yes, that’s yellow journalism at its best, but I couldn’t resist. As the international break drags on, there’s bound to be a dearth of actual news. Think of it as a precursor to the January window, during which rumours and actual transfers may transpire. With tongue planted firmly in cheek and grains of salt confidently taken, we can kick the tyres on one of the wilder transfer rumours to be making the rounds, that of one Pedro Neto from Wolves to Woolwich—sorry, to Arsenal. Alliteration has a way of getting away with me…

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An embarrassment of riches on the left, a shortage of options on the right…

While there’s been quite a lot of talk about Arteta’s ambition for having a squad two-deep at every position—and admirable progress at most positions at establishing that—there’s a troubling imbalance that coudl very well derail all of the progress we’ve made over the last few seasons. By now, I’m sure you all know what I’m going on about: the wings. On one side, we have so many options we don’t know what to do; on the other, we have…well, just one option. We need only look back to last week to see how precariously our season teeters on a knife’s edge.

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How do you solve a problem like Bukayo?

Wha’ts the problem? He’s our starboy, our talisman, our linchpin. As he goes, so goes our season. The more more he plays, the more he scores. With so much riding on him, the problem is that we’re riding him so much. Few outfield players have played more minutes than our unicorn-riding starlet, and even fewer still have scythed down as cynically or as often as he has. A little more protection from referees would be nice, but I think we’re all a bit too savvy to expect that. Absent such protection, it might be nice to see some better squad management. Let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?

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Rice, Arteta, Arsène, and that British core…

Amid the flurry of transfer talk and deals of the last few weeks, one overlooked element to the evolution of the squad under Arteta has been the apparent focus on a British core—something we haven’t seen since late-stage Arsène when it was Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ox, Chambers, Welbeck and Ramsey (Wales? Is that a country? Yes and no), among others who seemed to represent a return to dear ol’ Blighty after years of Arsènian francophonia. Arteta may be Spanish, but he’s resurrecting the good old days when a Briton was a Briton…

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Arsenal to announce new contracts for Saka, Saliba, and Ramsdale before season’s end?

While there are still three matches for us to somehow find a way past the financial juggernaut that is Man City, there is even better news on the near horizon: it looks all but certain that the talismanic Bukayo Saka and the irrepressible Aaron Ramsdale both look ready to put pen to paper to sign da ting. The devil’s in the details, of course.

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