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Rivals’ Roundup—well, well, well. Look who’s top of the league…

All is right in the universe. The Great Chain of Being, after weeks of chaos, decay, and upheavel, has at long last been restored, long may it persevere. Yes, Arsenal are top of the table, and would-be foes such as Tottenham, Man U, and Chelsea are squabbling for the crumbs that we deign to let fall from said table. I am completely and utterly confident that nothing will change the current status quo. When has it ever? Well, enough dithering and throat-clearing. Let’s get to the round-up.

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Arsenal linked to SHOCK swap for Brazilian midfield maestro!

Yes, it’s the international break, and so news of any real significance is going to have to take a backseat. With nearly a fortnight between now and our next fixture, and with Fortnite OG’s recent release, we turn to all the big noises and shiny things. Something’s been troubling me lately, namely, the fitness or lack thereof of our own Thomas Partey. He’s missed our last seven matches after a fifteen-minute cameo against Man City and faces a layoff that will last well into December. Could we find a replacement, maybe even an upgrade, in Villa’s Douglas Luiz?

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Arsenal linked to Aston Villa talisman for bold January move…

For as much as Gabriel Jesus has electrified and tantalised by turns, he hasn’t found the back of the net as often as we may have liked, and it’s with that shortcoming in mind that thoughts turn to the exploits of another deft and diminutive Brazilian who apparently can’t stop finding the back of the net even from a more withdrawn position. Aston Villa’s Douglas Luiz, more a midfielder than a striker, has now scored in eight successive top-flight home games. Perhaps Arsenal should enquire as to his availability in January?

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Arsenal=bottlers. How will the top four turn out?

Now that it’s been proven once and for all through this space-time continuum and throughout any multiverses, wormholes, and parallel dimensions that Arsenal will absolutely, positively not win the Prem this year, we really must attend to sorting out just how many clubs will overtake them between now and the end of the merry month of May. We’re through the looking-glass here, people.

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Villa 2-4 Arsenal: Results of Ratings & MOTM Poll

Jorginho claims his second-straight MOTM, at least accorindg to the 492 Gooners who weighted in. I gotta say that you’ve been a bit harsh on Nketiah. No, he didn’t score, but he again put in a decent shift, fought hard to win balls and drag the defense out of shape, came close to scoring from a tricky header, and should have had an assist for for the winning goal but for Ødegaard’s fluffing. Speaking of the Norwegian, it’s too bad that we don’t offer a first half/second half option because he was absolutely unplayable in the second half. On the other hand, we’re being a bit generous giving Zinchenko a 6.96. Aside from scoring, he put in only an average-ish shift and was culpable for Villa’s first goal. Still, these polls are not offered in the spirit of scientific, objective reasoning. They capture a mood and are therefore a bit prone to excess for good and for bad. I feel like I’m supposed to use the word “vibing” but also suspect that I’m too long in the tooth to do so. Anyway, enjoy the nifty l’il graphic…