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88 Goals – watch them all here!

Courtesy of EmanDaGoon2, enjoy all 88 Premier League goals we scored this season!

Wolves: they’re like Stoke…with Diego Costa!

Sigh. It wasn’t so long ago that yours truly was dreaming of a time when Wolves would be relegated. Let me take you back to the days of yore. It was January. Wolves were 19th, having won just thrice from 19 matches. The November appointment of Julen Lopetegui looked unlikely to alter that fate. However, they’re comfortably mid-table, dashing your correspondent’s dreams (such is my fate…).

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Why Declan Rice should ignore Chelsea and Man U and Man City…

So, Declan, we’ve been at this a while, haven’t we? There was a glimmer of a chance of you joining us back in January​—a far-fetched one, but a chance nonetheless. Now that West Ham look are safe from relegation, you lot can focus on winning that European Conference League. To you I say, ádh mór, a chairde! Oh. You’re not Irish anymore. Still, I hope you and your current squad bring home the trophy. On another note, I’ve noticed that a few mangy curs have come sniffin’ ’round. Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas, Dec.

Apparently, you’ve attracted interest from Chelsea, Man U, and Man City. Flattering, I’m sure, but I’m here to tell you that your best best is to ignore each member of that unholy triumvirate. I’m not here to insist that you join the Arsenal (yes, I am). I’m only here to recommend that you ignore the entreaties of these sordid suitors. Let’s give each one a look, shall we? You might want to hold your nose. Seriously. Literally.

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Folarin’s Folly— will his decision to play for the US help or harm his development?

Gooners have been understandably excited about Folarin Balogun even before this little breakout year he’s had on loan for Reims, bagging 20 goals, almost half the mid-table side’s 44. Calls for him to return to Arsenal surged when Jesus went down on the belief that he’d simply replicate his form in the Prem. His decision to represent the US men’s national team suggest that his best days lay away from London.

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RIvals’ Roundup: Downing tools, throwing towels, and licking wounds…

Alternate title: and then there were two…except this no longer applies given the fact that Man City have been crowned champions courtesy of our loss to Nottingham Forest and, it must added even if redundant, Man City’s win over Chelsea. The upshot for your diligent correspondent is that he really only need review those two teams while heaping scornful, derisive abuse upon those who will have finished below us, much like the boxer must shed roll after roll of sweaty, useless, disgusting flab before he can win the title. Let’s get to it.

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