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Arsenal send a strong signal of intent to Man City and Liverpool…

Kudos to Aaron Ramsdale for (1) getting a chance to start, (2) horrifying all of us with a gaffe that really should have led to Brenford scoring, and (3) wearing what amounted to a Chelsea kit in order to signal his support to Kai Havertz. When it was all said and done, that trifecta is arguably what inspired us to victory. The squad rallied around him and Havertz, clearly, but was also given clear warning as to what was needed on an otherwise difficult evening at the Gtech Community Stadium.

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Havertz SILENCES his critics once and for all!

Brentford proved incredibly difficult to break down with five men at the back, and for the longest time it felt this one would end in a scoreless draw, especially after Trossard had a first-half goal chalked off. There a few too many gaffes, none worse than Ramsdale dithering with the ball and getting dispossessed. It was a miracle that Brentford couldn’t score from it. Speaking of scoring, Kai Havertz scored, surely silencing everyone anywhere forever. It was a strong header at the back post, and it was enough to secure three points and send us top of the table even if not quite enough to quell those critics. Still, it might give Havertz a bit of a flicker. Let’s get to the post-match poll!

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Aside from Arsenal, no one can topple Man City from atop the Prem…can they?

It was one thing last season to fight against Man City, the entirely fairly funded foe from the the north, for an entire campaign. They ended up “earning” treble last season—Prem title, FA Cup, and Champions League—and are girding themselves for another grim, remorseless, march on the same achievement with all of the joyless predictability of death or taxes. We fought on bravely against them and only very narrowly succumbed. Can we go one better when the stakes are higher?

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Remember when Arsenal lost on purpose to get Tottenham relegated?

Put on your tinfoil hats, my friends, for we are about to dive deep into the unfathomable depths of the Tottenham mind—if such a thing can truly be said to exist. In today’s edition, we ponder the conspiracy theory that insists that the Arsenal tanked matches in order to guarantee Tottenham’s relegation (as if they needed the help) way back in the 1927-28 season. If you want the full back-story on this particular conspiracy, click here. I don’t recommend it. Let’s get into the details here, shall we?

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Hey, Bayern—take a long walk off a short pier…

Is he defending a cross or attempting to score from one? That’s versatility.

It’s the international break, so, absent any injuries to our beloved, precious players, we’re treated to a kind of mid-season silly season. The latest installment as those Bavarian behemoths—Bayern Munich—coveting our own Takehiro Tomiyasu, hoping to prise him away in January. To them, I say, “offer us Kane and Gnabry in a swap-deal, and we’ll think it over. Add in de Ligt and the deal is done”.

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