Arsenal 3-1 Man U: Results of post-match poll.


475 responses. Not bad. We were quite harsh on Havertz (I feel like anything lower than a 5 should indicate that the player actively denied us points such as by getting sent off or scoring an own goal). Even if we accept that he should have scored, he’s not the only one. Let’s show him some patience and support if for no other reason than he wears the shirt. Nketiah also deserved more love, getting both CBs booked (and one should have been sent off). It’s not for nothing that Maguire and Evans were both on the pitch when we scored those goals. On to brighter news, Rice deservedly earned the MOTM with 83.4% of the vote, just as much for his performance throughout the match as for his game-winning goal. Let it be the first of many…

Average rating 4.8 / 5. Vote count: 17

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