Arsenal 2-2 Fulham​—vote for player ratings & MOTM!


Well, that was disappointing. Borderline infuriating, come to think of it. When you’re at home to Fulham and it’s Paul Tierney who awards you a penalty and sends off an opponent, you have to feel like it’s your chance to comfortably take all three points. Instead, we conceded inside of sixty seconds, fought back to take a lead, and then conceded again to a ten-man side that will be lucky to finish in the top half of the table. We wasted countless chances and misplaced countless passes and really have only ourselves to blame. Well, enough whingeing. Take your frustrations out in the post-match poll below the fold…

It’s easier than punching a hole in the drywall. I speak from experience. Painful, painful experience

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal 2-2 Fulham​—vote for player ratings & MOTM!

  1. Steve

    We have talented players but no team. Saka misses Ben White support and Gabriel M should partner Saliba. Arteta today 5/10 just.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Too much tinkering disrupted the chemistry, and the players just weren’t up to it even after conceding that shock early goal. In the end, we were probably lucky to keep the point.

  2. Palladio43

    Arsenal demonstrated their incredible ability today to……… snatch defeat (to which a draw to Fulham equates) from the jaws of victory.

    When will tinkering with the lineup end? What is the point of doing so? Pundits and commentators attributed it poor game management, but in fact Arsenal did a wonderful job of managing to squander both a lead and a man advantage. How many sides are capable of doing both within a space of minutes?

    1. A Simple Truth

      well said P43

      people fawning over Vieira after one productive second-half appearance makes some sense in light of his rather putrid spell here, but don’t for a second try to suggest to me that this is some sort of massive Arteta-inspired silver lining…furthermore, the fact that our manager issued a public apology of sorts to the aforementioned player, for not providing him with more opportunities, is f***ing rich, as this was little more than his smarmy way of patting himself on the back for “discovering” the kid…no matter how one spins this rather underwhleming performance, the third such match in a row, Vieira isn’t the answer to all our questions…as such, we had better be active in this window before it closes or we could quite easily find ourselves on the outside looking in come season’s end

      1. Palladio43

        Sadly, Truth, I must agree with you. While I still believe Havertz will prove out, the tinkering with formations and which players are placed where seems something one tries in training and not when games count. There seems an effort to prove that the system will work regardless and that the players will where he wants rather than where they are best suited. Unfortunately, points lost now are the same as points lost in the Spring especially those against teams you should trounce and not just barely beat. Was Arteta blaming the players when he said they should have scored at least seven? Did his nose grow longer when he did? Did he learn as he changed up the side who n the second half that the grand experiment may not be working and will he end it before the MU match, hopefully?

  3. jw1

    Did Arteta fire 9 on-target shots directly at Bernd Leno?
    But of course he did!

    The tactics produced 19 shots, 11 on-target.
    Just one of those shot anywhere but, and it’s 3pts.
    Blame? Lay squarely on the players yesterday.
    Everything else is irrelevant.


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