£165 million for Rice and Caicedo? Do it, Edu…


It seems that the brain trusts at West Ham and Brighton see the writing on the wall, and they’re willing to accept that their best players want to move to the next level. I have to admit that I feel ambivalent at best about this because I like to believe that players and fans form a relationship, and the fans especially deserve better treatment than they usually get. Each of these two clubs has experienced something historic, yet the jubilation they feel must be tempered by a feeling of loss. Still, this is the water in which we find ourselves, and one must sink or swim.

We talked just the other day about how West Ham’s owner had already conceded the grim reality that Rice had likely played his last match for the club. Brighton’s Roberto De Zerbi has already made similar comments about Mac Allister (who’s joined Liverpool) and Caicedo. After their last match of the season against Aston Villa, De Zerbi said “I think it can be the last game for Alexis Mac Allister and Moises Caicedo at Brighton. I am really sorry because they are two great players but the policy of Brighton is like this. It is right that they can leave, to play at higher level.”

Here come those misgivings. I love the idea that Brighton, despite losing numerous key players to bigger clubs [cough] play positive, assertive football and have earned a European spot for the first time in their history. However, under current financial circumstances, as De Zerbi himself admits, the club can’t hold on to its best players and has to sell them. If we’re to exploit this situation, I hope it’s at least to both clubs’ benefit.

David Moyes has previously insisted that Rice wouldn’t be sold for less than £100m. Okay. Fine. The rumour-mill suggests that Brighton won’t sell Caicedo for less than £75m. That puts the two players’ combined price tag at £175m. However, in most negotiations, you get 90% of what you ask. The maths here then suggest that we could get both Rice and Caicedo for something on the order of £157m. While that might sound steep for the signing of two players, that again is the water in which we find ourselves swimming. Gone are the days when a £50m transfer fee was remarkable.

If Edu and Arteta can secure one signing or the other in short order, the knock-on effect could be seismic. It would signal to other players that this club is ambitious and doesn’t waste time; get on the trolley or get left at the station. I don’t think we’ll see any news between this post and the weekend, but I’ve been wrong before.

Keep your wits about you. It could be a long silly season…

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6 thoughts on “£165 million for Rice and Caicedo? Do it, Edu…

  1. daveg

    I know as a fact from a family member that Arsenal value Rice at £67 million and Caicedo at £70 million. Both players will be offered £180 k per week including the bonuses. Both players have already agreed personal terms. Rice has also Assured Arsenal that should West ham refuse to sell him to Arsenal then he will join them next year for free, but will demand a wage of £220 k per week including bonuses.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      I’d love to hear more about your source if you’d be willing to share. You can reach me at jfshay@gmail.com.

      As to the numbers, I’d be surprised to see West Ham part with Rice at that fee but suspect we can get Rice for less than the £100m that’s been bandied about. The sale of Mac Allister has me going two ways: one, that fee seemed low, so maybe we can get Caicedo at a lower fee (maybe closer to £50m?). Two, Brighton may not want to part with two such valuable assets so easily.

      As for salary, £220k/wk seems fair, considering he rejected West Ham’s £200k/wk offer.

      Thanks for popping in; I hope to hear from you in the future.

  2. Palladio43

    Today the rumor mill has it that now West ork ( so frHam want ESR as part of the Rice deal. One has to assume that would lower the cash price, but by what amount? Given his brittleness and that Arteta did not seem to favor him as much as a year ago would saving option?20M (hopefully his value is even more) be worth it since it might allow for another decent purchase.
    I am still amazed by the sums being tossed around for players thee days, but also how cheap McAllister was and how it was that few clubs were in that hunt. Does that prove that you can find decent or good players for less money if you lay low, stay under the radar and pounce rather than broadcast loudly, e.g. Caicado in January or Rice? We have seen that pouncing and spending big, e.g., Chelsea with Mudryk, does not always work (at least so far), but can you find stars without overspending any more or have good scouting, media hype, greedy agents, oil money, etc., ruined that option?

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Much as I would hate to part with ESR, Arteta doesn’t seem to fully trust him…or he’s still not match-fit. I wrote about how he’d made the bunch about 10-12 times but rarely played more than 15 minutes. This despite numerous players looking leggy. If we were to add him in, I would hope that we could get something closer to £30-35. Then again, with the fees we’re apparently willing to consider for Rice & Caicedo, the braintrust may not fret too much about a few quid here and there.

      I can’t make sense of the Mac Allister fee. Seems awfully low. He’s certainly not been under the radar, though. Who knows?

      1. jw1

        Think we need to view Arteta’s handling of ESR– through the same prism as how he marshalled Martinelli upon his return from long-term injury. We’ve heard directly that Arteta expects ESR to stay at Arsenal next season. There have also been undercurrents of Arteta working with ESR specifically to become the left-8 that Xhaka is close to vacating.

        I don’t doubt WHam wants ESR included in the Rice deal. Whom I’d counter with, were there to be a player to go the other way to reduce the outlay– it’d be Eddie Nketiah.

        West Ham doesn’t need ESR– they have plenty of MFs in that position/role. What they need is a goal scoring striker. Eddie, given minutes, would be a good fit for them.

        1. Jon Shay Post author

          Good shout. I’ll admit that I found Arteta’s use of ESR confusing (I posted about it a while back). If he does envision a larger role for the kid, I’m all for it. Offering WHU Nketiah does make a lot of sense. Ings and Antonio are ageing out, and Scamacca hasn’t really impressed. We’re probably looking for another CF/striker who offers more physicality & aerial threat, neither of which are really in Nketiah’s wheelhouse.


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