Arsenal fans DEMAND Arteta be SACKED after derby draw!


What else is there to say other than that Arteta is a complete fraud and that this entire campaign, the one in which we’ve essentially perched atop the Prem from matchday one ’til now, has been one season-long fraud? Having stumbled to a second consecutive away draw despite having seized an early two-goal lead, what other conclusion is there?

Arteta is a fraud. Sack him. Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale, Granit Xhaka? Sell them. Hell, sell all of them. We might as well start sizing up our opponents in the Championship at this rate. I recognize a few future opponents there: Sunderland. Burnley. West Brom. Norwich. Swansea. It might be nice to get re-acquainted. On the upside, we might find an easier path to some silverware, what with relegation looming over us.

On the other hand…

Maybe, just maybe, this disappointing draw is but a speedbump? Could it be that the squad that stumbled to an injury-hobbled fifth-place a year ago after two consecutive eight-placed finishes might have actually exceeded expectations for almost an entire year, bravely soldiered on despite numerous injuries, and still found itself atop the Prem with its destiny in its own hand?

Look. If you’re of the mindset that says we’ve bottled it, that we should sack Arteta, that we should sell various players, you should just piss off. Then again, maybe you’re precisely the kind of so-called Gooner who should read on. If you’re that kind of Gooner and you’ve stopped reading, good. Jog on. Get bent. Don’t come back. Go support Man City.

We still have a fighting chance. I’d love for this season to be the next installment of the Rocky franchise, with the plucky underdog fighting back against all odds to defeat an implacable, remorseless opponent. That storyline assumes that we’re on the ropes, barely fending off a knockout blow—but we’re still standing. What’s more, we do still control our destiny, if only by the most-tenuous of margins.  

Saka missed a penalty. The last time he did that, he went on a scorching run from the spot and from open play. Something tells me that the spirit and culture that Arteta has worked so hard to instill will see this squad rise from the proverbial ashes. I’m not saying we’re going to run the table on this run-on; there are too many tricky fixtures to make that declaration. What I am saying is that this draw changes the calculations on a few of those fixtures.

26 April now looms quite a bit larger than it ever did. That might just play to our advantage. Hear me out. Man City have to go into the Allianz Arena on Wednesday to defend a 3-0 advantage. Three days later, they host Sheffield United in an FA Cup semifinal. Four days after that, we pay them a visit. That’s three crucial clashes in just over a week. We’ve dropped points, but it’s too soon to say that Man City won’t do the same. For as deep as that squad is, it’s entirely possible to see them dropping points here or there.

In an ideal world, of course, we would have taken all three points instead of sharing the one. Then again, in an ideal world, Leicester would have taken all three and we’d all be checking our calendars for when the parade would be.

It’s still too early to draw any definitive conclusions, which cuts both ways. It might have been nice to come away with greater confidence of winning the Prem had we and Leicester had the minerals. Then again, we do still technically control our destiny. One match at a time. That’s the mantra.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal fans DEMAND Arteta be SACKED after derby draw!

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      You may have missed the point. While you will probably find a few knobs on Twitter who do actually want to see Arteta sacked, I’m mocking the post-match mindset. We’re still in first place albeit precariously, and even if we fail to win the Prem, this season will have exceeded anyone’s expectations from August.

      1. Mudashiru Busobozi

        It’s too early to call for Arteta’s sacking .. buh he needs to check himself he has played safe for way too long it’s time to try different tactics now …. After having a led of two goals it’s only wise to bring xhaka off for Joginio …. Remember our defense is lucking en Xhaka doesn’t really impact defensively that’s how Zinchenko ended up trying to mark , Saala en Arnold coz he had no one to assist him on the wing it he just couldn’t any thing beyond what he did ……

        1. ady

          stop dropping straight up rubbish online Arteta is a gem so if any Arsenal fan wants him to sacked they have no understanding off the game they are certified fakeazz gunner fa(ñ)gz

      1. Jon Shay Post author

        Hard to read just what you mean there, Clo. I’m not calling for anyone to get sacked. I’m taking the piss out of those who ARE calling for Arteta to get sacked.

    2. Divinemercy

      No arsenal fans dis this is the blogger that poster this that wrote al this he is just toiling with you mind

    3. whereis20?

      Two goals up to draw game is maaddd … 6 free points reduced to 2 … Current 4 point gap is not major for city … With the remaining games all 3 points are much needed … Arteta is not going nowhere he will be Arsenals revival legacy n stay as Arsen Wenger

  1. Marlon Phillips

    If you want arteta sacked….. Then you as a fan must leave this club…. Arsenal do not need shit fans like you…. Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and He was praised, people tawt His coming to make their problems go away, instead Jesus came to those who really and truly believed in Him, 5 days later He was crucified and rose on the 7th day….. Now I am not comparing arteta to Jesus, but just look at the similarities and the fools that were there in that time still exist in our time

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      It looks like you read the headline but not the actual article, I used a splashly headline to bring readers in, but the article itself makes it pretty clear that sacking Arteta is foolish, and anyone who actually wants that to happen should piss off.

      I see where you’re going with the analogy to Jesus…to an extent. Arteta isn’t being vilified or crucified, literally or figuratively, and the stakes are not nearly as high as they were for Jesus of Nazareth. I’m as eager as anyone to see Arteta prove his critics wrong but am not sure the analogy quite fits.

  2. palladio43

    Simply put:
    Rather than snatching victory from the jaws of defeat…Arsenal have now perfected the ability to snatch defeat (or a draw) from the jaws of victory….

    Even before Saka missed the net completely (why not test Fabianski or better yet let Jesus take the penalty?), things were going wrong, as evidenced, not just by Gabriel’s ill-advised sloppy tackle, but by letting Rice steal the ball from Thomas. A total lack of concentration and the continued lack of a killer instinct.

    If we are to blame Arteta, even with the absence of Saliva and Zevchenko, it is the inability to adapt or reorganize “on the fly” and neither rally the troops (not just by prancing and shouting along the sidelines), but to adapt to conditions and the changes in momentum. The final 30 minutes were painful to watch with Arsenal bereft of ideas and passing around the perimeter of the box until even they utgot bored and gave away a silly pass or, worse yet tried dribbling through a crowd and destined to lose the ball. Thankfully, the Hammers missed two sitters, but will it matter?
    I wrote the other day that it may well be, not the City match that might cause us to lose the Prem but that we have need to fear the other matches. Much like losing early matches it is as costly as those at the end. To blame the players as Arteta did might work, on occasion, but mirrors were invented fora reason.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Well-said. I think Jamie Carragher of all people put it best when he suggested that we haven’t bottled this or the Liverpool match; we got complacent after racing out to early leads. Veteran players like Partey–who really should know better–were guilty of getting too cute (such as his attempt at flicking the ball over Rice, which led to Paqueta’s histrionic dive and Benrahma’s pen). Odegaard is turning into a terrific player, but he lacks the experience or nous to summon the players and rally them to the cause. It was in that moment that someone like Zinchenko would have been particularly valuable. He’s vocal and commands respect. Resting him was, in retrospect, a mistake.

  3. Civil

    Hey man, I know the article is not about sacking Arteta, but to the outside world where a lot of people won’t read the full article, they will see it and make an assumption that all fans want him sacked, and it is misleading to the masses who may scroll past this article in their Google feed. Would have been more appropriate to put ‘Small minded minority of arsenal fans want Arteta sacked after derby draw’.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Hey, Civil- thanks for the feedback. I get just what you’re saying. I can’t take responsbility fo educating the masses, and I understand that I’m occasionally guilty of using these lurid headlines to lure them in. It’s my goal to only do so once in a while so that enough people read the articles themselves. Once this little blog eventually establishes more of a repuation, maybe those lurid headlines will be understood for the satire they are attempting.

  4. Er

    You are fucking very wrong bro be your self ..
    This is football u can’t ask Leicester to beat city when u with all the players and winning streak u were on failed at your own turf to even get 1 point from city

    Arteta is so far one of the best coaches in the English premier league as it stands u can’t fcking ask him to be sacked for his players’ mental fatigue

    He has given u all he can week in week out and u have been happy from match day one todate with your table position standings.. u at a loss of 4 crucial points can’t call him a fraud NO u yoself u are

    Just fkoff Go leave arsenal ..

  5. Er

    Coming back to normality!!- in football anything is possible the only concern I have which I believe most coaches are yet to learn is ;

    A good striker whose role as a striker is to create goals, after getting two up changes into a midfielder gives rest to the opponents defense

    This kills and turns the winning game plan into a defensive rock and roll and later gives more opportunities to the opponent’s defense turning into midfield- compressing u all in your own half. For no fear of any break counter attacks

    For the remaining games Jesus is only good around box areas not in the midfield(westharm), substituting attackers for defenders will not only cause defensive chaos(Liverpool) but also keep us below our usual game plan expectations

  6. Stuart Buckingham

    I’m so glad I read to the end. I find it unfathomable that there are some who think not winning the league this season would be an abject failure. Considering the size and age of the squad, I think what Mikel has achieved is nothing short of miraculous.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Thanks for sticking with it, Stuart. I feel guilty using clickbait titles like that, but I hope to offer enough insight and entertainment to overcome that.

    1. Jon Shay Post author

      Hello, Me. I don’t mind insults or criticism, but calling me a United fan crosses the line. I wonder if you actually read the article or just read the headline and skipped down to the comments section. I suggest you go back to re-read before throwing stones. Glass houses and all that…


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