How many Seagulls will Arsenal swoop for this summer?


The January signing of Leandro Trossard has proven to be one of the smartest mid-season signings in recent history, but rather than scratching an itch, it may have triggered a new hunger. We did go all-in for Brighton’s Moisés Caicedo, after all, and recent reports suggest that we’re still after him despite his re-upping his contract. Well, add another name to the list of Seagulls we’re linked to: Alexis Mac Allister.

While our pursuit of Caicedo foundered on the rocks, our signing of Trossard has gone so swimmingly that one doesn’t have to think all that hard of the Belgian reaching out to the Ecuadorian (that would be Caicedo) as well as the Argentinian (that would be Mac Allister) to talk up what it means and how it feels to make the move to the Arsenal.

Complicating matters, of course, would be Brighton’s form and that of those above them. De Zerbi has the Seagulls sitting sixth, four points behind Tottenham but with two games in hand. Given the sinking feeling that even the most-optimistic Spurs fan must be feeling at the moment it’s not hard to foresee a future in which Brighton qualify for a Europa League spot. While this would probably convince de Zerbi to stay at Brighton rather than shackle himself to the sinking ship that is Spurs, it might also convince Caicedo and Mac Allister to stay put.

Then again, should we win the Prem, Trossard can go and do some touting. Mac Allister in particular might be willing to let his ears be filled with honey after helping Argentina win the World Cup, after which a Europa League campaign might feel, I don’t know, a bit of a letdown? We could offer him Champions League play plus another (ahem) chance at winning the Prem.

Caicedo’s head might be harder to turn. Not only has he just signed a new contract, he’s less-versatile than Mac Allister and would almost certainly find himself on the bench behind Thomas. Why make a big move only to find oneself rooted to the bench? Mac Allister is versatile enough to convince the world that he’s Argentinian despite the name and the melanin, but he can also play a variety of positions. Even if Thomas is getting on in years and is vulnerable to injury, Caicedo would have to defer to Thomas. That’s a hard sell to make.

One thing’s for sure: our position is considerably stronger than it was In January, thanks in no small part to Trossard. Whatever may happen between now and the end of the season, we should be able to offer a few enticements that we couldn’t quite confirm a few months ago. We may not win the Prem, but, under Arteta, we have a clear plan, an exciting, young squad, and room to grow. The bandwagon effect will surely start to kick in. Who knows? We may soon find ourselves fending off suitors rather than courting them. Should we somehow pull off the impossible by winning the Prem, we might find ourselves lining up Mac Allister, Caicedo, and Declan Rice and asking them to submit their offers to us rather than the other way ’round.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

We’ll have to wait and see. While we do that, allow me to repeat an invitation: you can enter a raffle for a £25 Arsenal Direct gift card by commenting on this and other posts in April. Yes, it’s a direct attempt at bribing you to join the conversation. The more often you comment, the better your chances at winning. Have at it!

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5 thoughts on “How many Seagulls will Arsenal swoop for this summer?

  1. Efigenia Pereira

    I’d love to see MacAllister here, he’s a perfect fit for the kind of versatile player Arteta wants. I don’t think we can get him AND Caicedo though. Brighton already refused to sell him to us once.

    1. palladio43

      How about Yuri Telemanns for free this summer? Of course we have to pay wages, but… The issue whether MacAllister, Caicado, etc Al is whether our owners will ever spend as much as the present ownership of Chelsea, let alone City, Liverpool, and others (maybe MU depending upon who gains control)

  2. Chris

    Why not just buy our whole club lock stock and barrel? Easier than building your own team. Stay away from Brighton.

    1. Jon Shay

      Bit harsh innit? We paid a pretty penny or two for White, and de Zerbi didn’t want Trossard. It’s not as if we’re pillaging your roster, but I can understand the sentiment.

      Out of curiosity, may I ask how you stumbled across this blog? It’s hardly famous.


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