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After throwing in the towel for a few years, I’m back as of October 2021. My career got back on track after a few tumultuous years, and I had to dedicate more time to actually doing my job. I’ll no longer be posting every day but will try my best to post a few times a week.
This blog came into existence on 31 January 2013, prompted by the signing of Nacho Monreal in response to the injury to Kieran Gibbs. I was furious that our only transfer of that window was the accelerated move for Monreal. Little did I know that La Cabra would turn out to be such a great signing, but we needed more…

Why “Woolwich 1886?” Well, I wanted something that hearkened back to the club’s origins, and it’s hard to get closer than the year and the London district in which the club got its start. The club’s name has changed a few times over the years, as has its location, but I like those roots and holding onto them. Sure, the name may not be as snappy as some of the other blogs out there, but I don’t mind. In fact, I like it that way.

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  1. Anonymous

    Loved your open letter to Ryan Shawcross. Just goes to show that even though you have been following football since 1981 you still know fuck all about it. See ya 🙂


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