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7 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Anonymous

    really nice blog, I am an Arsenal fan since first going to the UK in 2003, I have been breathing Arsenal ever since :). You are doing a great thing for fans worldwide writing this blog and I would be happy to continue reading your articles. It is hard to find Arsenal-biased writers these days, I am sure more will come with the current form 🙂 Respect from Bulgaria

  2. Anonymous

    Love the blog…even though you're a newcomer !!!!I know you're a Yank….but stay with me…….there's no such word in the English language as 'gotten'.

  3. Anonymous

    As a Stoke fan I find your letter pathetic and typical of Arsenal fans!Lest we forget that the last time you were any good you had thugs like Vierra and Petit,Adams,Wright Keown the list goes on so please give it a rest its boring and please let Wiltsure head butt Ryan like he did on Fellani the other week.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm not sure why you're bothering to comment anonymously or why you're commenting here instead of in response to the actual article. You shouldn't have anything to hide. At any rate, assuming you're also the anonymous commenter below, anonymous comments go to a moderation-folder that I only check once in a while. There. They're both up. Enjoy.


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