Arsenal 1-1 Man City: Video of a valuable point taken

A lucky bounce off the woodwork gave David Silva the go-ahead goal, but Arsenal pulled one back through a nifty sequence that ended with Flamini putting it home, atoning for his unfortunate own-goal midweek against Swansea. Chelsea’s earlier loss to Crystal Palace offered a vital opening to Man City to pull ahead in the Prem race, but Arsenal, who looked to be the better of the two for long stretches, dominated the second half and even had chances to seize all three points (for best resolution, consider not going full-screen. I’m still playing around with settings and options).

It won’t be enough to change our prospects in the Prem title-chase, and it leaves us still wary of Everton’s tilt at fourth place, but the confidence and intensity that we showed are a positive sign that we are still hungry and looking to make up for lost time, especially important as we make a trip to Goodison Park next weekend in a match that could very well seal up that fourth-place spot and launch us closer to vying for third and an outright qualification for next year’s Champions League. 
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5 thoughts on “Arsenal 1-1 Man City: Video of a valuable point taken

  1. Anonymous

    Man City have to feel pretty lucky, to be honest. their only goal was a fluke and we flubbed a number of strong chances. I wasn't sure if the Chelsea result would help or hurt us because it might have lent City a bit more urgency going into the match. ah, well. a draw's about as good as I hoped!

  2. Anonymous

    still 6-4 on the season. if Dzeko had finished his chance or Fernandinho put his shots on frame you'd be singing a different song. Dean was in your backpocket the whole time. 5 yellows? Ridiculous. How Rosicky didn't get sent off blows my mind. oh well. enjoy Europa next year. I hear Ukraine is fantastic in the fall.

  3. Anonymous

    JonI think you “Al-Jazeera” link is probably being partially blocked by the NSA or whatever…. but it is worth seeing how one is a fortunate bounce or ricochet for MC (much like the Swansea goal mid-week and the other is a well-directed kick by Flamini.Now as we look at the table regardless of games-in-hand, etc that draw against Swansea will and is coming back to haunt Arsenal. Two more points would have us well above 4th and 5th (and reasonably safe even with a match at Everton) and closer to reaching 2nd or 3rd (let alone 1st if the bottom drops out on the others). But then again, Chelsea and MC could be saying the same thing today.

  4. Anonymous

    hmm. Can't explain why the video might not work for you. sorry for the disappointment! To be honest, I almost shut off the game after Silva's goal, figuring it would just be one of those kind of matches. The squad showed quite a bit more fight than I anticipated, though. we'll have to keep an eye on Everton's trip to Craven Cottage tomorrow, If Everton lose there, we can turn our attention to winning at Goodison not just to solidify 4th but with an eye to climbing to 3rd. dropping the points at Swansea (and Stoke and Old Trafford etc) could come back to ahunt us, but it's good to see the focus and purpose back on the pitch!


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