Do you really want to watch? Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal [Video].

Watch at your peril, for the video contains shocking, disturbing images of Chelsea scoring again and again, almost at will and frequently with the unwitting assistance or deference of any number of Gunners. It might best for you to just move along. Those of will the stomach can click below to watch.

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3 thoughts on “Do you really want to watch? Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal [Video].

  1. Anonymous

    Mou said wenger was a specialist in faliure and people said he was being rude. .. thats mou for you.. he says what he thinks and its usually tru..

  2. Anonymous

    Sack Wenger.He has been given much more time than other managers and yet he shows no sign of change. His tactics are predictable;all out attack with a hdl . No wonder Chelsea found it so easy to score with acres of space and time.I am afraid unless he gets amaster tactician,it will be more of the same: disappointment.I say enough is enough

  3. Anonymous

    We fans know what's the problem except Wenger.He believes he is god and can do no wrong.He has lost to all the three top teams by big margin. To lose once or twice is acceptable. Three times?It's totally irresponsible. He doesn't bother about the defence and that's why the gunners will lose again and again to top class epl teams.He still thinks his style be it tactics,recruitment,etc will come good when it it has been a shambels the last eight years.The problem is his free flowing soccer needs time and space. Once these two are deprived the gunners have no plan b and are like headless victims of the Japs in British Malaya ww2.I hope he has the good grace to call time on his tenure and let someone takeover. I can't see him taking Arsenal to the next level.Otherwise the fans who pay such exorbitant prices will revolt.


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