Wilshere suffers a hairline fracture in his left foot. The good one. Out six weeks, minimum.

Goddamn international friendlies. Goddamn Roy Hodgson. Goddamn Denmark. Was it Daniel Agger’s fault? Who knows? Feckin’ friendlies. I can’t believe this crap. Pointless, pointless game. Agger clattered Wilshere, but we can’t prove that Agger caused it. Maybe it was already there, a stress fracture made worse through routine wear and tear, but it’s hard to resist the urge to scapegoat. In fact, I won’t even try. Agger, you bastard. Hodgson, you coward. Wilshere, you fool. Whose bloody idea was it for the man to return to the pitch, nevermind start, in such a pointless match? Bastards all around. Yeah, even Wilshere. Even with the adrenaline flowing, he had to know that the stakes were low enough not to need him so desperately.

Where the ouchie happened, apparently.

Under the best of circumstances, he’d be back in time for our last four fixtures at Everton, home against Newcastle and again against West Brom, and at Norwich. In the interim, of course, he’ll miss Saturday’s FA Cup clash with Everton along with the crucial stretch that see us travel to Bayern, Tottenham, and Chelsea before hosting Man City. Assuming we can beat Everton on Saturday, we’d have the FA Cup semifinal on 12-13 April, which he’ll almost certainly miss. The silver lining? Should we make it to the FA Cup final, scheduled for 17 May, Jack might—just might—be ready.

I sincerely hope someone loses his job over this crap. Hodgson, maybe. Call it an unnecessary generalization if you must, but international friendlies serve no purpose whatsoever—oh, except to fill the pockets of the various associations, whose hearts are pure as driven snow and would never consider for a second jeopardizing a player’s career over something trivial. Never. I need smelling salts at the mere hint of the accusation. Perish the thought.

If there’s any actual good news to be taken from this, it’s that the injury does not affect Jack’s surgically repaired right foot, the only that sidelined him for what felt like years. On the other hand, he’s lefty. On the third hand, even lefties need both feet to run, and I’m told that some of the better footballers will occasionally kick the ball with the foot that they don’t prefer. For all intents and purposes, Jack is probably done for the season. Aside from the Everton match (the Prem one, that is, on 6 April)., we should be able to squeak past the remaining clubs to finish the season without Jack. Perhaps this Swede Källström can find it in himself to magically heal his back in order to make an appearance or two in Jack’s stead.

I didn’t foresee Jack playing this Saturday regardless of the details around his injury; however, knowing now that he isn’t available regardless of my opinion, we’ll have to regroup quickly and do our damnedest to make sure that Jack has a chance to play in an FA Cup match before the season is out.

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3 thoughts on “Wilshere suffers a hairline fracture in his left foot. The good one. Out six weeks, minimum.

  1. Anonymous

    we should just rest him for the rest of the season tbh, even if he is fit. by the time he returns we will probably know one way or another where we stand in the Prem, and if we can't improve on that against Newcastle and Norwich, well, we don't deserve the win the Prem anyway. The silver lining I see? Now we have an excuse if we don't win. Injury after injury after injury.

  2. Anonymous

    Hodgson seems obsessed with trying to get England past the first round and proving to anyone who cares that he is a good coach. He has few players that will get him past that point but he is proving that those he has left now will not be available when the world Cup gets underway. Worse yet, the way he is managing, any fit player will claim an injury just to avoid what happened yesterday. Assuming he had some idea of his starting squad with only one or two potential undecided options, why not play those and make your choices, but, regardless of anything else, why put Jack back in once he was injured? We may never know if he was injured yesterday or whether,as Jon indicates, this was an old break, but do not expect the player to make your decision for you. The match makes no difference whether you win or lose, you still can substitute, so why not do so? Since Hodgson (and he is not alone) was responsible for Jack, as his coach, he should have pulled him out, choosing not to says more about him as a coach than any possible victories he might scrape out this summer.


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