Behold, Spurs! I bring you…Aaron Ramsey!

By the way, you should have been humming the opening music from 2001: A Space Odyssey while you read the title. Strauss’s “Also Spach Zarathustra”. You know the one. Here. Start the clip that you see there and re-read the title slowly and dramatically so you can get the full effect. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Done? Fab. I don’t mean to overdo it, but waiting for Aaron Ramsey to return has taken on a new urgency, not least because of our loss to Stoke. How might his presence have changed things? During a match in which we (a) seemed listless and jaded and (b) lacked any real incisiveness in the final third, could Ramsey have made a difference? I’m sure his presence on the pitch—heck, even on the bench—might have spooked Stoke’s players and fans just enough to get their knickers all a-twist, and we might be celebrating a 67th minute crowd-crusher instead of fuming over a 75th minute give-away. As it stands, however, we’ll have to wait another ten days or so before Ramsey can return. Just in time, perhaps, to join us on a jaunt to White Hart Lane.

First, let’s get a of unpleasantness out of the way. It has to be done. A bit of a clearing of the air, if you will. It wasn’t so long ago that the epithets hurled against Ramsey were almost as venomous as those coming from Potters fans. I’m sure that more than a few Gooners are eating a few of those words and have queued up to apologize. Perhaps. After all, Ramsey helped to launch us at the beginning of the season and was in rare form, tallying 13 goals to go with seven assists. But it wasn’t just the scoring. No, his tenacity as a defender is something we’ve struggled to replace ever since he went done. No one else in the squad has quite the same nose for the ball as he does—not Wilshere, not Arteta, not Flamini, not Rosický. His 66 tackles are second in the squad behind only Arteta’s 71, who has three more appearances. More importantly, perhaps, is that while Arteta’s tackles frequently happen in our defensive third, Ramsey’s tackles happen higher up the pitch and allow us opportunities to launch quick counter-attacks that can lead to scoring chances before defenses can reorganize or drop back. There are few in the current squad who can match his drive, his tirelessness, and his contributions at both ends of the pitch.

For as much as we lament the inability to score, there’s a certain staleness in the build-up. Arteta and Flamini are too limited and too defensive-minded to charge up the field, and Wilshere is still too reckless, foul-prone, and injured to charge up the field without getting dispossessed. Perhaps Ramsey alone has the will and the skill to drive forward in attack and drop back and defend. Those elements, perhaps as much as more-clinical finishing in front of goal, have been sorely missing in the last month or so, and it’s little wonder that our dip in form has coincided so closely with Ramsey’s absence. We’ve coped admirably with the absences of other players, but without Ramsey, we’ve looked lethargic and paid for it.

Should Ramsey return in time to face Spurs, it couldn’t come at a better time, what with a string of fixtures that also includes trips to Stamford Bridge and Goodison Park either side of a visit from Man City. Depending on how these four matches go, we could be right back in the thick of the title-chase or again squabbling for a fourth-place finish. With Ramsey making his way back, I’m feeling a little less reckless in my optimism. Ramsey is, after all, second in the squad for goals and assists despite having been out since before the new year began. He’s missed fourteen matches in that time. Here’s hoping that the lay-off gives him the legs and the hunger he needs to finish the last dozen or matches with the same kind of verve and success that he started with.

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9 thoughts on “Behold, Spurs! I bring you…Aaron Ramsey!

  1. Anonymous

    We've beaten those spuds twice this season, we'll do it again. Prepare to be blinded by the flame while Rambo guns you down.

  2. Anonymous

    We know we are behind you guys, but Arsenal fans should have a good look at the impact Spurs had the last couple of times Arsenal had a chance of winning the title.

  3. Anonymous

    As soon as I'm able, I'll go in and delete the preceding comment. I object to the anti-Semitic tone (but I can't delete it due to my office's filters). For what it's worth, Strauss married a Jewish woman.

  4. Anonymous

    He who last laugh usually last best, so yes the Scum have beaten us 2ce this season, we'll be 3rd time winners – gonna bet my House on it too…. COYS


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