Casting call for Gooners who want to feature in stories

Hey, fellow Gooners. I’m looking for a few brave souls willing to have a brush with fame (with an emphasis on the “brush” perhaps more than on the “fame”). Every once in a while, instead of analyzing, previewing, reviewing, and so on, I like to get into fiction or satire. I realized that, instead of just inventing character-names, it might be interesting to include actual Gooners.

Therefore, if you fancy a cameo in one of my attempts at fiction, let me know. I’d need your full name, a link to your twitter handle or facebook page, and a few suggestions/paramaters around the character I create. I don’t want your life’s story, of course, but just a few details. For example, if you prefer that your character not drink alcohol, let me know. If you don’t want your character sound a bit foolish, again, let me know. I’d never do anything offensive or insulting, but I do want to have a bit of fun with it. Playful banter, a little back and forth, that sort of thing.

Depending on the responses I get (and how people feel about the characters they become), volunteers could become “regulars”, as in, their characters would make repeat-appearances, and I would do my level best to keep characters ‘in-character’, as it were, meaning that their personalities would be based more and more on the volunteer’s suggestions (“make me sound like I know what I’m talking about for once” or “I want my character to be taking a piss out of others”…).

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime offer and all of that!

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