Arsenal-Fulham Preview


With apologies to those who may have stopped by before, an alert reader pointed out a mistake I had made in my graphic; I had mistakenly displayed Arsenal’s away-goals instead of home-goals tally. Here is the updated and correct (I hope) graphic:

I’m trying something new here with an infographic that lays out a few key statistics. It’s my first go at it, so I’m keeping it simple and straightforward: Arsenal’s home-record and goals scored/conceded, and Fulham’s away-record with goals scored/conceded. I’ve chosen Jack Wilshere as my man of the match; I hope he’ll deliver with a fine performance that includes a goal and assist, reprising his role from last week. Final scoreline: Arsenal 4-1 Fulham. You read it first (I hope). Make your predictions in the comments-section below Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal-Fulham Preview

  1. Anonymous

    I think that Arsenal will control ball 67% of the time, take 6 shots on goal to 4 by Fulham, The Man of the Match will be Ramsey (if he plays) otherwise Mertesacker or Koscielny becuase it will be 2-1 until late and one or both will save things from a being a draw.Score will be 2-0 Arsenal at the half , but only 3-1 at end, because, as usual, no killer instinct nor understanding that goal differential may make a big difference this year (consider Man City). Wilshire or Ramsey will score one goal, Giroud or Podolski (if he plays) another and Ox or Gnabry the third.


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