Prem League Power Rankings: Week 13

It was looking like a nearly perfect week for Arsenal after coming away with a 3-0 win. Liverpool lost to Hull, Spurs drew with Man U, a result that helps neither, and Southampton went ahead early at Stamford Bridge. Sadly, the stars didn’t quite align as Chelsea managed to pull away for the win, and Man City coasted to a 3-0 win over visiting Swansea. There’s a bit of shuffling as Liverpool and Southampton stumble out of the top five to be replaced, tentatively, by Everton. Whether this means that Liverpool and Southampton’s pretenses have been exposed is now a relevant question; Liverpool without Sturridge looked toothless, and once Boruc left the match, Southampton conceded twice. December is a cruel month to most clubs here; there will be six Prem matches for each, and Man U, Man City, Arsenal, Spurs, and Chelsea have international commitments added to the mix. We’re now one-third through the season. It seems that we have three legitimate contenders for the championship: Arsenal, Man City, and Chelsea. Who will shoulder their way in—is Everton for real, or will Spurs and Man U regroup? Can Southampton right itself after two demoralizing losses? Will Suarez respond well to carrying Liverpool without Sturridge beside him, or will he implode? These and other questions come to mind as we look at this week’s Power Rankings…

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1 thought on “Prem League Power Rankings: Week 13

  1. Anonymous

    bit harsh to drop Soton or Liverpool, they both had injuries slowing them down. The Saints did have to go to Stamford Bridge and were doing well until Boruc went out. I'm not saying he would of saved those shots but maybe his absence took away some confidence? Liverpool, it'll be interesting to see how they do w/o Sturridge. defenses can now key on Suarez and dare others to score. Can Suarez bear up under the pressure?


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