Prem League Power Ratings: Week 12

A bit of a wild week as Arsenal stole three points despite being outplayed, Man City destroyed Tottenham, Man U dropped two points at Cardiff (karma’s tough, ain’t it?), and Liverpool escaped Goodison Park with a point. Were it not for a well-deserved but un-issued red-card on Rooney or Mirallas, we might just be looking at a very different table—whether it’s mine or the official EPL table. That said, Arsenal emerge from the fray again atop both tables, if only for another week. Most of the clubs mentioned above have midweek European commitments (no disrespect, Southampton). Here, then, is my estimation of the Prem’s top-five contenders…

Squad (Last Week)
Last Result (Last 5)
EPL Table
1.     Arsenal (1)
W 2-0 Soton WWWLW
1st (28)
A lucky result, to be sure, but the kind of result that suggests that the squad can grind it out as well as overrun or outclass an opponent.
2.     Man City (—)
W 6-0 Spurs WLWLW
4th (22)
God forbid they learn to replicate their home-form on the road; 6 wins from 6 matches, +24 GD, could be enough to win the Prem.
3.     Chelsea (5)
W 3-0 West Ham
After two lackluster outings, some signs of life from Stamford Bridge as Oscar reminds us all of the class that the squad possesses.
4.     Liverpool (4)
D 3-3 @ Everton DWLWD
2nd (24)
Sturridge’s last-gasp equalizer salvaged a point, but questions about the Scousers’ long-term prospects persist.
5.     Soton (3)
L 0-2 @ Arsenal
5th (22)
A tough away-loss, under unlucky circumstances, is not enough to undermine Pochettino’s vision.

Still conspicuously absent are Man U (6th place) and Tottenham (9th). Had Wayne Rooney seen red as he should have, Man U wouldn’t be cursing two dropped points at Cardiff; they’d be apoplectic over dropping all three. Tottenham’s drubbing at the hands of Man City seem an aberration until we see that they went in to the match with only a +3 goal-differential—having scored just nine while conceding six. If they can’t generate more goals, we might have to focus more attention on Everton or Newcastle’s ambitions…

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4 thoughts on “Prem League Power Ratings: Week 12

  1. Anonymous

    Don't get the luck thing.. Southampton were more lucky we hit the post twice than we were lucky they made stupid mistakes?

  2. Jon Shay

    My references to luck refer to the idea that it's rare that we'd see a keeper blunder as badly as Boruc did. I don't see why it's wrong to call that luck. Anyone who thought we'd score the kind of goal is either psychic or crazy…or both. By contrast, hitting the post is something that happens seemingly every other match.


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