Let's be nice to Southampton, shall we?

What an exciting time for Southampton! Third in the Prem, only two seasons in it? Ahead of Chelsea. Man U. Man City. Tottenham. Won at Anfield. Drew at Old Trafford. League-leaders in fewest goals conceded. Gosh, it’s almost enough to make me a Saints fan. I won’t go quite that far, of course, but it is enough to make me wonder, maybe we should go easy on them on Saturday? You know, give ’em a little boost? I’m not saying we should roll over and let them win, but think of the surge in confidence they would feel after claming a point at The Emirates. They could quiet their critics, answer the doubters, put to rest the questions all too many have asked. “Are they for real?” some say. “They can’t keep this up over the course of a full season,” say others. Well, I say we lend the Saints a hand. After all, we can afford it, can’t we? We haven’t dropped too many points. We’re in first place. Maybe we sit back a bit and settle for a 0-0 draw. Y’know, let them preserve that precious status as stingiest defense in the Prem for another week? Heck, if other fixtures go their way, they can even sit top of the table for a week or more!

They’ve earned it, after all, by being one of the hardest-working teams in the league. It’s not like they’re simply defending deep and refusing to play football (cough, cough, Pulis). They’re pressing and scoring and outworking teams. It may not be attractive football, but it’s getting results, and who are we to stand in their way? How long has it been since Southampton has played European football?  I’m not saying we should let them finish above us—don’t get me wrong. Have they ever? They’re founding members of the Premier League, for Pete’s sake. Let’s help them get into the Europa League, at least. They practically gifted us Theo and the Ox. We owe them, don’t we? Surely, letting them take a point is a fitting way of showing our gratitude. Look at it this way, helping them stay near the top of the table makes things more crowded. Spurs will have an even tougher time catching up to us if there’s another club in the mix.

I want to slum around in such ignoble thoughts, though. Far better to focus on the nobler motives. Instead of coming across as front-running bullies, we could emerge as the “bigger” team by letting the little guy claim some glory. Beating Southampton would only prove that we are bigger, wealthier, snobs. Letting Southampton draw shows that we are generous, humble, respectful. All the money in the world can’t buy that kind of goodwill. Think it over before you dismiss it out of hand. That’s all I ask.

Wait. What the @#$% was I thinking? Letting Southampton nick a point from us? Sweet Enola Gay. I They let Tottenham have Gareth Bale. They had the audacity to score on us last season—twice. I hope we double up their precious goals-conceded. I hope we run riotously over them like we did last season, slicing open that defense of theirs, eviscerating them, pummeling them, scoring six ways from Sunday. I want to see us get to a point that Bendtner scores. We’re not in the business of doing favors or giving anyone a leg up. There’s another club in London whose supporters don’t seem to mind losing. Four miles north, as the capon flies. We have silverware on our mind and can take no prisoners. I want to see defenders falling left and right, helplessly tripping over their own feet as Ramsey and Cazorla and Gnabry and the rest fly around the pitch, the ball pinging back and forth like a Superball© on crack until it rockets through to the back of the net. I want Boruc to spend so much time taking the ball from the back of the net that he ends up paying rent on the space. I want Szczesny to get a chance to score only to pull the ball back off the goal-line and knock it out of bounds instead, just because he can. Last time we hosted the Saints was 14 months and a manager ago, but we put six past them then.

They’ve overhauled and are one of the stories of the season so far. Good on them and all. I sincerely hope they stay up and finish in the top five. However, I hope we make it a little harder for them, whether we win in a nailbiter or a rout. They’ll have to find their points on another day. Come on, you Gunners—goals from Gnabry, Cazorla, and Giroud. Get ‘er done!

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12 thoughts on “Let's be nice to Southampton, shall we?

  1. Anonymous

    Maybe letting Southampton get a few points will frustrate your title rivals. 😉 Imagine how the other big boys would feel if they are still behind Southampton come Christmas.

  2. Anonymous

    I certainly hope that the Arsenal players have the same attitude towards the Saints as you do.The game could well end up being a 6-1 finish, to Arsenal or Southampton. You never know.

  3. Anonymous

    be careful what you wish for, even if tongue-in-cheek. Arsenal needs to learn to win and to win decisively. You need to amass as many points as possible by beating all those teams that are lower down the table, no matter how cruel that might seem. Also the more goals they score the better it is, not just for the benefit of the fans and players, but also because goal differential matters as we saw last season.

  4. Anonymous

    and the season before- jusk Man U. I'm with you 100% on points and goals. We will end up droppong points sooner or later, but I bet Soton will bein the mix all season and we can't afford to let our guard down as we did vs. Aston Villa.I hope this little jaunt doesn't come back to haunt me…

  5. Anonymous

    Little bit patronising me thinks, Saints ain't third because of a load of freaky results, they are there because they are a good side playing a system that teams cannot cope with.Saints are not expected to get anything tomorrow, but I won't be surprised if they do.

  6. Anonymous

    “It may not be attractive football, but it's getting results” LOL, shows how often you watch Southampton! One of the more attractive sides to watch so far this season. They play some great football.

  7. Anonymous

    Pretty sure Saints finished above the Arsenal a few times, look up 83/84 season, where Saints were 2 games away from the double. The new youngsters coming thru will be better then Walcott, Chamberlin & Bale.

  8. Anonymous

    “Only 2 games in it”? Pretty sure Saints were a founding member of the Premier League and have spent more time in it than out! When they went down, they'd Been in the top league for about 27 consecutive years! RESEARCH FAIL!

  9. Anonymous

    I wrote “only two seasons in it” not two games. I should have been more careful with the “it” part as it suggests that these are the Saints only two seasons in the Prem. I was referring to their recent return to the Prem. You may not have read on (which I don't blame you for) but I did go on to point out that Southampton are one of the founding Prem clubs. I wish the Saints all the best (and do regret that they went down today in such unlucky fashion.


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