Prem League Power Ratings: Week 11

Crazy week atop the Prem as a lot of clubs dropped points. Only Liverpool and Southampton claimed all three points as Arsenal, Everton, Chlesea Tottenham, and Man City dropped points. Man U climbs higher, but this might be due more to the stumbles of others than to their own quality. There’s quite a logjam at the top of the table with eight teams within six points of first place, and questions still to be answered: are Southampton for real? Has Man U overcome its struggles? And so on. Keep in mind that each team’s position here reflects my estimate of their momentum, which may or may not match their position in the Prem. Arsenal, for example, holds onto first despite losing because the loss was not entirely unexpected. Others, like Man City, Tottenham, and Chelsea dropped points they arguably should have taken. It’s a long season, so take this all with a healthy grain of salt..or two.

Team (Last week)
Latest Result
Overall Record
EPL table (pts)
1.   Arsenal (1)
0-1 Man U
1st (25)
A disappointing result dented momentum but does little to alter the fact that Arsenal is still top of the table and came out of a difficult slate of matches far-better than most had anticipated.
2.   Man U (3)
1-0 Arsenal
7th (20)
A less-than-convincing win is still worth three points; Man U is now undefeated in its last five matches. They may have found their form going into the weekend.
3.   Soton (—)
4-1 Hull
3rd  (22)
Just can’t ignore the Saints any longer, still the stingiest defense in the league. Having won at Anfield and drawn at Old Trafford makes for a convincing case.
4.   Liverpool (5)
4-0 Fulham
2nd  (23)
Gaudy stats but still unconvincing; where will the goals come from if/when Suarez hits a dry patch—or gets suspended?
5.   Chelsea (4)
2-2 WBA
4th  (21)
A dubious spot-kick awarded in stoppage time to draw at home against West Brom? Scoff if you will, but it’s just the kind of black magic Mourinho will use to stay in the race.

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