Prem League Power Rankings: Week 9

We’re trying out a new feature here, one that measures the top contenders’ recent form as a way of gauging where each club falls. It’s one thing to be atop the Prem, for example, but form and position don’t always align. This table will attempt to rate each club based on its most-recent results with an eye to assessing momentum and likely future prospects. Therefore, a club’s position on this table may or may not match its position on the official Prem table. For example, Arsenal’s win over Crystal Palace was a tough one, while Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Man City was more-vital, so Chelsea leap-frogs Arsenal here. Keep in mind that this only reflects Prem matches, so results in the Champions League, Europa League, league cup, and FA Cup have no bearing. This table will expand or contract based on my estimation of who’s a legitimate contender, so Man U, despite languishing in 8th position, will continue to appear here until further notice.

Latest Result
2-1 Man City
2 (20)
Eked out a vital victory at home over Man City to claim all three points, the club’s third win in a row.
2-0 Crystal Palace
1 (22)
A dominating run slumped a bit as the club slogged to victory over Crystal Palace when a more-dominant performance was called for.
4-1 West Brom
3 (20)
Twelve goals in their last four matches have Liverpool on a nice run of form. With Suarez back, they look ready to move up.
2-0 Fulham
5 (18)
Sneer if you want, but the Saints boast the stingiest defense in the league (only three goals conceded).
1-0 Hull City
4 (19)
Needed another dubious spot-kick to dispatch newly-promoted Hull City; a still-sputtering offense has yet to find any form.
2-0 Aston Villa
6 (18)
Adapting well to Martinez’s ways and look likely to make a pus h for the top four.
Man City
1-2 Chelsea
7 (16)
Bit of a bitter pill to swallow in the away-loss to Chelsea as a 90th-minute goal denied them the point.
Man U
3-2 Stoke
8 (14)
Still staggering and stumbling despite a comeback win over Stoke.

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