Higuaín v. Suarez: Whom should Arsenal sign?

The Argentinian and the Uruguayan are both capable of making Gooners around the world drool, and we are all, I’m sure, familiar with their impressive statistics. Higuaín is the third-highest scorer in La Liga since 2007, behind only Messi and Ronaldo; Suarez very nearly took last season’s Golden Boot after finishing with 23 goals. In short, they’re both savory prospects. Who, then, should Arsenal focus on?

By now, you all know where this writer stands. However, a more-direct comparison that looks past these statistics might be in order if only to give ourselves a different vantage-point from which to make the comparison.

With that in mind, I offer this little graphic to help us sift through the positive and negative attributes each player might bring to Ashburton Grove.   While they are both capable of feats of brilliance, we must take a holistic view so that we don’t miss the forest for the trees. One set of statistics or one incident in and of itself cannot speak for a man, now, can it?

We owe it to this proud club and to these two individuals to weigh them on their merits without prejudice or haste, lending each quality its proper context and significance and ensuring that both men are assessed on the full canvass on which their lives are painted. We are all capable of glorious as well as ignominious moments, are we not?

All snark aside, I had to take a break from actually assessing rumors and odds and likelihoods. I hope it brightens your day if only for a moment.

In all seriousness, I am clinging to the hope that all of this Suarez-talk is just a distraction to throw everyone off the trail Arsène is actually on: signing Higuain. Time will tell…

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