Aaron Ramsey shows some skills vs. Indonesia's Dream Team (vid)

Today’s match between Arsenal and the Indonesian Dream team ended in a 7-0 victory for Arsenal, but I hope the hosts had some fun regardless of the outcome. Among the highlights is this quick moment from Aaron Ramsey, showing himself to be nimble and incisive as he dribbles through the box.

It’s only six seconds long, and it’s a friendly match, but it’s interesting to think about what this suggests for his continued growth as we look to next year. He’s quickly becoming one of my favorites, and if he adds these kinds of flourishes to the repertoire and builds on his form from last season’s run-in, there’ll be more than one naysayer who may have to eat his or her words—and I hope this can be done with relish! For now, savor the possibilities that the young Welshman represents…

I’ve said that Ramsey is settling into being himself instead of trying to imitate Fabregas, but moments like this make wonder if he’s capable of playing a little mix-and-match.

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