No Higuain announcement means it could be a long weekend…

Those of us hoping for news of a Higuain signing on Friday may have to settle in for a long, cold weekend bereft of news. If you haven’t done so already, run out and stock up on some necessaries. I’ve maxed out the credit card on frozen burritos, coffee, scotch, and sriracha. That last item does in fact go well with each of the preceding three. Have faith.

That’s all we have to go on right now is faith—unless you believe that tabloids like The Sun, The Mirror, or AS Sport are latter-day oracles. That said, with the close of the official business day on Friday bringing no news other than photos of Higuain boarding a plane (something he’s clearly never done on any other day of his life) and suggestions that Real Madrid has rejected Arsenal’s £23m offer, Gooners look to a rather bleak 48-to-72 hour stretch of waiting, huddled around transistor radios and smart-phones to glean what little is available.

A quick history of Arsenal’s official announcements offers cold comfort. Simply put, the weekends don’t offer much solace. Therefore, the 41% of us who voted for a 5 July announcement will be left to nurse our psychological wounds as we hope that the other 29% who have voted a for a 12 July announcement have deeper insights into the universe’s secret machinations. Here’s a run-down of the timing of our key signings over the last few years (according to

  • Nacho Monreal: 1 February 13 (Friday)
  • Santi Cazorla: 7 August 2012 (Tuesday)
  • Lukas Podolski: 30 April 2012 (Monday)
  • Olivier Giroud: 26 June 2012 (Tuesday)
  • Mikel Arteta: 31 August 2011 (Wednesday)
  • Per Mertesacker: 31 August 2011 (Wednesday)
  • André Santos: 31 August 2011 (Wednesday)
  • Gervinho: 18 July 2011 (Monday)
  • Carl Jenkinson: 8 June 2011 (Wednesday)
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: 8 August 2011 (Monday)
  • Laurent Koscielny: 7 July 2011 (Wednesday)
  • Thomas Vermaelen: 19 June 2010 (Friday)
  • Andrei Arshavin: 3 February 2009 (Tuesday)

Without suggesting patterns or causality, the weekends look like they offer slim pickings. Therefore, it might be wise to ignore the transfer-sites and re-acquaint ourselves with the better parts of ourselves, whether that’s loved ones, hobbies, or other, more worth-while pursuits. I know that I’ve been guilty of checking on the rumors more than is healthy, but, dammit, I want confirmation. I want closure. The idea that we might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday—or longer—maddens me. I fight to resist the idea that an agreement has been reached among the dignitaries while we, the proletariat, wait.

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