Higuain in an Arsenal jersey? They're calling it a done-deal…

Well, Tantalus couldn’t have had it any worse than Arsenal fans. Yes, I know that an eternity spent surrounded by fruit and water that disappear whenever you reach for them might seem a tad worse than a few weeks wondering if a player might join the club, but bear with me. Gooners have been craving a high-profile signing, not just for weeks, but for years. No disrespect to Yaya Sanogo, but this itch begs for a deeper scratch.

A bit clumsy, I’ll admit…

With that in mind, it comes as intriguing news that all bets are off on Gonzalo Higuain coming to Arsenal–no parlor anywhere is taking any wagers anymore after the odds dropped from 1/8 to 1/14. If you’re inclined to believe the source, Fox Sports quotes Gonzalo’s father as saying, “we got permission from Real Madrid to negotiate face to face to Arsenal and, luckily, soon, I see my son in the Premier League.” Now, it would have been nice of him to say “with Arsenal” instead of “in the Premier League”, but let’s not get picky. No other Prem club other than Arsenal has been seriously linked to Higuain, and he did say that they were negotiating “face to face to Arsenal”, so we have that to hang out hats on for now.  We’re still reading tea leaves at the moment, but they’re getting more and more legible by the day.

Transfermrkt still pegs the likelihood of him signing with Arsenal at 75%, tantalizing but, again, not a confirmation. Long story short, we still hover around Higuain, hoping that an announcement will arrive before the weekend.

Until then, we can while away the time voting for the “Best of…” awards at youaremyarsenal.com.  This blog has been nominated as a “Best New Arsenal Blog”. It’s worth noting that I’m out-gunned–the other contenders are multi-writer sites, while I type along on my own. You can vote by clicking here. It’s a seven-question ballot, so it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. That said, I hope I’ll earn your vote in question #3!

UPDATE: Sorry to those of you who had trouble with the link to the survey. I’ve corrected it.  Thanks!

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