Transfer odds round-up: Higuain to 75%, Cesar to 50%, Fellaini to 40%

Here’s a quick little image I’ve put together to crunch a few numbers to help us keep track of where we are in our pursuit of various players. To keeps simple at my end, I’m only tracking the three who are currently most likely to sign for us at the moment, this includes Higuain, Cesar, and Fellaini. Grenier and Jovetic, for example, seem to be fading from our list of priorities or possibilities. Should they warrant closer monitoring, we can do that.

If you know of other sources of reliable information that might merit inclusion here, please let me know. I’m not interested in the latest rumor updates themselves. For example, the betting lines seem important because they come from companies whose existence depends on tracking likelihoods whereas The Sun, The Mirror, or Marca are selling headlines, a much-less reliable source as far as I’m concerned.
A quick apology is in order, I suppose, to Fellaini. I couldn’t resist including his head-butt of Shawcross. For one, it unfairly suggests that he’s a hothead. In his defense, it’s Shawcross. More specifically, Shawcross was mugging him all game long. Second, he now appears smaller than Cesar or Higuain, which by no means implies that he is less important. If anything, he’d improve the squad more than Cesar might. (No offense, Julio. Hey, look at it this way: I haven’t written about the fluffy Belgian, but I did write about you. BFFs, baby).
Last but not least, feel free to comment on the aesthetics. I’m a self-taught Photoshop rookie and am always open to suggestions, tips, or critiques. As always, thanks for visiting!

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