Arsenal 4-1 Wigan

I offer a sincere apology to Wigan for relegating them today. As much as I admire Wigan for not playing defensively, and for playing positive football despite the risk it would backfire, we needed these three points. I don’t want to rush into any analysis just yet, other than to say it was wonderful to celebrate an orgy of goals. In the absence of commentary, and in response to an image making the rounds on Twitter, I only offer this image. It’s a bit amateur-ish as I teach myself Photoshop, but it should do for now. Congratulations, Spurs, the ball is in your court.

Aw, crud. I put in the wrong date. I’ll go in and fix that and re-upload the correct image as quickly as I can!
There we go. Sorry for the error. I was so worked up for Spursdays that I went with that date instead of Sunday’s. Enjoy.

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